TERM OF OFFICE:  One year

 BASIC FUNCTIONS:              

A.  Chief Executive Officer

B.  Presiding Officer of Board of Directors.1

C.  Ex-officio member of all ASCLS-MI Committees, except Nominations Committee. 1

D.  Voting member of ASCLS Region IV Council. 1

E.  Member of ASCLS President's Council. 1

F.  Chair Michigan Delegation at Annual ASCLS Meeting.

G.  Member Government Affairs Committee.2

H.  Board Liaison to:  Executive Secretary, PAC, Government Affairs Committee, District Representatives, Parliamentarian, Mich. Hosp. Assoc. Representative and Coalition of MichiganLaboratory Professionals Representative.

I.  Adhere to the Bylaws and General Operating Policies of this Society.

J.  Submit written report for each ASCLS-MI Board Meeting and a comprehensive report for the Annual Membership Meeting.

K.  Attend all MSCLS Board Meetings, ASCLS-MI Annual Membership Meeting, Region IV Council and ASCLS President’s Council. 


1.  Chief Executive Officer/Presiding Officer.

2.  Attend all State, Region IV and National meetings as voting delegate and leader of the Michigan Society, or appoint a representative.

3.  Deliver welcome address at ASCLS-MI Annual Meeting and act as official host/hostess.

4.  Select recipients of the "Key to the Future" Award 2, Omicron Sigma-State level and President’s Recognition Award.

5.  Present President's awards and State of Society Address at the ASCLS-MI Annual Meeting.

6.  Install newly elected officers and board members.

7.  Complete appointments to Board and Standing Committee Chair vacancies by August 1st.

8.  Appoint task force and ad hoc committees as needed.

9.  Complete a list of committee chairs and Board members to include:  Name, addresses, business phone, residential/cell phone, FAX number, E-mails and ASCLS membership number.  Submit to ASCLS upon request and to publications chair.  Use form sent from the ASCLS office.

10.  Hold four board meetings per year (2 required). 1

            A.  Summer (July), Fall (Aug/Sept) and Winter (Jan/Feb). 1

            B.  Annual Meeting (April). 2

11.  Call special Board meetings as deemed necessary.

12.  Schedule, develop agenda and distribution of meeting notification for all board meetings and general membership meeting.

13.  Appoint parliamentarian to serve during business meeting.

14.  Coordinate the annual Leadership Development event to foster leadership potential in all members.

            A.  Board orientation.

            B.  National association update.

            C.  State issues update.

            D.  Leadership development.

15.  Hold one general membership meeting per year at the Spring MSCLS Annual meeting. 1

16.  Consult with ASCLS-MI Annual Meeting General Chair at frequent intervals to monitor progress.

17.  Mentor the President-elect.

18.  Submit articles to Newslinks Editor for publication to inform, advise and encourage members within the State. (Starting with July/August issue).

19.  Attend to all correspondence and note action requests in an informed and professional manner by writing letters, memos, reports and Presidential messages.  Utilize telephone & email for rapid exchange of information and to solve immediate problems.

20.  Review all Society and other related publications related to the Medical Technology Profession. 

21.  Inform Board of Directors and other appropriate individuals of Regional and National news.

22.  Upon invitation, attend District meetings to address activities of the Society.

23.  Attend as many scheduled committee meetings as possible.  If unable to attend, carefully read submitted minutes or reports to stay informed of all business transactions, address requests and offer advice when indicated.  Advise Committee Chair on regulations of Society, taking action when necessary.

24.  Determine distribution of the state's alpha membership list:  Membership Chair, Publications Chair, Past President/Meeting Planner, President-elect, Student Rep, District Reps and FYP Chair.

25.  Submit a budget and financial reports as requested by Finance/Audit Chair.

26.  Maintain a file of minutes, agendas and correspondence.

27.  Transfer President files to incoming President.

28.  Request that all outgoing committee chairs turn over their files to the new committee chair.


1.  Provide a list of Michigan voting delegates to Region Council to the Region IV Director.  Appoint proxy delegate/s as needed.

2.  Submit copy to leadership directory to ASCLS and Region IV Director.

3.  Serve as liaison and coordinator between Region IV Directors and ASCLS-MI Board of Directors.

4.  Maintain communication between the ASCLS-MI Board of Directors and Region IV Council constituents, ASCLS President and Executive Office.

5.  Prepare periodic State reports for Region IV Director as requested.

6.  Obtain information and submit applications for ASCLS Clinical Laboratory Scientist of the Year.

7.  Prepare report to ASCLS Awards Committee on Michigan members in ASCLS leadership positions.

8.  Submit information to ASCLS for Emeritus membership, Omicron Sigma-State level nominees and Key to the Future Award Recipients.

9. At the request of the ASCLS President, prepare report for House of Delegates Agenda Book.

10.  Attend all appropriate ASCLS Annual Meeting pre-meeting and post leadership development  Sessions.

11.  Submit official roster of Michigan delegates for ASCLS Annual House of Delegates.

12.  ASCLS Annual Meeting responsibilities are to organize and conduct State Caucuses as needed  and direct the activities of the Michigan Delegation.


June (30th)  Submit copy of ASCLS-MI Leadership Directory to ASCLS.

July  Set agenda and date for Summer Board Meeting

(10th)Newslinks article due.

August (early)Notify ASCLS Executive Office of state meeting sites, dates and chairs.

(middle)Chair ASCLS-MI Fall Board Meeting.  Set date and site for ASCLS-MI Winte Board Meeting.

September (early) Submit reports for the Fall ASCLS Board of Directors Meeting (to Regional Director

(10th) Newslinks article due including updated ASCLS-MI Leadership Directory.

October (middle) Submit nominations for ASCLS offices.

November (early) Review and distribute to ASCLS-MI Board proposed modifications to ASCLS bylaws (published in April ASCLS News).If needed, request meeting rooms for state at ASCLS Annual Meeting

(10th) Newslinks article due.

December (middle) Submit state report for interim ASCLS Board of Directors Meeting (to late) Regional Director).

January  Prepare agenda and chair ASCLS-MI Winter Board Meeting. (early) Submit suggestions for appointments to ASCLS Annual Meeting House Affairs Committees.

(10th) Newslinks article due.

February (early) Attend Region IV Council Meeting. E & R Fund scholarships/grant applications deadline.

(middle) ASCLS-MI Awards deadline. Select "Key to the Future" award recipients, Omicron Sigma and notify ASCLS National Office for recognition during the annual meeting. Submit applications for Constituent Society Publication Awards to ASCLS.

(late) Submit nominations for Omicron Sigma-State Level to ASCLS.

March (early)   Submit state nominations for ASCLS Member of the Year. Submit nominations for Professional Achievement Award to ASCLS.Submit budget request to Finance Chair.

 (10th) Newslinks article due.

April (late) Submit state report to Pre-Annual ASCLS Board of Directors Meeting. Host ASCLS-MI Spring Meeting. Chair ASCLS-MI Annual Membership, Spring ASCLS-MI Board meeting and induct new ASCLS-MI Officers.

May (1st) ASCLS Annual Meeting pre-registration.

(early) Submit official roster of Michigan delegates for ASCLS Annual House of Delegates.

(10th) Newslinks article due.

June (1st) Notify ASCLS Executive Office state representative who will receive computerized state membership printout (alpha list).Notify ASCLS Executive Office of state dues changes, if indicated.July Attend and lead ASCLS-MI Delegation at the ASCLS Annual Meeting. Submit financial statement to Finance Chair.


Will the newly elected officers please come forward?

Will the members of the Society please rise?

MEMBERS OF THE SOCIETY:  You have chosen these officers to guide you in the coming year.  Upon you rest the responsibility of giving whole-hearted assistance to each of them so that they may direct the affairs of the Society with dignity and distinction.  Will you pledge these newly elected officers your support and assistance

Members please be seated.

The members have pledged their interest and support.  They have shown confidence in your ability and judgment.  Your election is your authority to serve during the coming year.  As new officers, you will need wisdom, patience and understanding.  We are confident you will show yourselves worthy of the trust placed in you.

 __________________, you have accepted the responsibility of the office of Student Forum Representative.  It will be your duty to attend meetings of the Board and the Society, and to perform any duties assigned by the Board.  Do you pledge to assume these duties?

__________________, you have accepted the responsibility of the office of First Year Professional Representative.  It will be your duty to attend meetings of the Board and the Society, and to perform any duties assigned by the Board.  Do you pledge to assume these duties?

__________________, you have accepted the responsibility of the office of District Representative.  It will be your duty to attend meetings of the Board and the Society, and to perform any duties assigned by the Board.  Do you pledge to assume these duties? 

__________________, as Treasurer, it will be your duty to receive and disburse all funds of the Society.  You shall have custody of all funds and shall keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements.  Will you accept these responsibilities? 

__________________, as Secretary, it is your duty to keep a faithful record of all meetings, and to perform other duties as assigned in the Bylaws and by the Board.  Do you accept these responsibilities?

__________________, you are to serve as President-Elect.  It will be your duty to preside at all meetings in the absence of the President, being of aid in any way you can.  You should become familiar with the responsibilities of the Office of President so that you may carry out the affairs of the Society when necessary.  Do you accept these responsibilities? 

__________________, is our new President.  Faith is placed in your leadership and in your ability to carry out the requirements of this office.  Do you promise to fulfill to the best of your ability the duties of the President?

The Officers of the Society are now duly installed.  (You may be seated - with the exception of the new President).  It is now my pleasure to hand the gavel to the new President.  Mr/Madam President.

(Passing of President Pin/Presentation of Past President Pin follows).