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Please join us for the Annual Meeting and Exhibits-

April 15 – 17, 2015

The Inn at St. John’s Conference Center

Plymouth, MI

Check out this great CE Opportunity!

The Brewing Experience: Interdisciplinary Overview of the Art, Science and Technology of the Beer Industry.  

*This session has been P.A.C.E.® approved for 1.0 CEU. This is basic level program.  

Speaker: Kevin Peil 

Tri-City Brewing Company 


Abstract: The Tri-City Brewing Company will provide a guided brewery tour involving a step-by-step discussion of how raw materials like grains and water become a sweet liquid with the help of fermentation and yeast. The tour will also include in-depth discussion of the sciences involved in the brewing process including the biochemistry, physics and microbiology. 


At the end of this program, the attendee will be able to:

1. Describe the principles and biochemistry of the brewing process. 

2. Cite the microbiological techniques and the yeasts and microorganisms involved in the brewing stages. 

3.Explain the importance of quality control within the different stages of brewing beer. 

*You must be 21 and over to attend this event. 

Bring your own choice of food pairings. Tasting/sampling craft beers are encouraged at your own cost! 

Friends are welcome. Please drink responsibly!

To register contact: Jonathan R. Gusilatar (jr.gusilatar@gmail.com)

Register by: December 8, 2014

*ASCLS does not advocate or encourage the abuse of alcoholic beverages.

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Nov 21, 2014, 7:36 AM