Bylaws Committee Chair

RESPONSIBLE AND REPORTS TO: President; Board Liaison - Secretary

TERM OF OFFICE: One year, may be reappointed for a second term; Additional terms must have Board approval.


A. Serve as a non-voting member on the ASCLS -MI Board of Directors.

B. Oversee, maintain and update the Society’s Bylaws.

C. Adhere to the Bylaws and General Operating Policies of this Society.

D. Submit a budget recommendation and financial statement when requested by ASCLS -MI Finance Chair.

E. Submit written reports for each ASCLS -MI Board Meeting and a comprehensive report for the Annual Membership Meeting.

F. Attend all ASCLS -MI Board Meetings and ASCLS -MI Annual Membership Meeting.


1. Maintain a file of current constitutions and bylaws of ASCLS, ASCLS -MI and of all District Societies.

2. Recommend amendments to ASCLS -MI & ASCLS -MI District bylaws to meet compliance with ASCLS.

3. Assist and act as a resource on bylaws for the ASCLS -MI Board, District Representatives and members.

4. Prepare changes in ASCLS -MI bylaws as requested by members, ASCLS -MI Board and ASCLS Bylaws Chair.

A. Present proposed bylaws change/s to ASCLS -MI Board at the Fall/Winter Board Meeting.

B. Submit ASCLS -MI Board approved bylaws changes to ASCLS -MI Bylaws Chair for review.

C. Publish proposed bylaws changes in the March/April issue of ASCLS -MI Newslinks.

D. Present proposed bylaws changes at the Annual Membership Meeting for discussion.

E. Prepare and distribute the ballot to all ASCLS -MI members following the Annual Membership Meeting.

F. Receive, validate and tabulate the votes cast.

5. Report the results to the ASCLS -MI Board and publicize the results in next issue of ASCLS -MI Newslinks.

6. Review the bylaws of districts, as indicated, for compliance with the bylaws of ASCLS -MI

7. As requested by the membership of ASCLS -MI, prepare amendments to the ASCLS Bylaws (Bylaws). 

8. Examine proposed amendments to the ASCLS Bylaws and report recommendations to the MSCLS Board and members. 

9. Transfer files to newly appointed Bylaws Chair.


Refer to General Time Frame and:
Fall/Winter- Present proposed changes to ASCLS -MI Board at Fall/Winter BOD Meeting.
Jan/Feb- Submit board approved bylaws changes to ASCLS Bylaws Chair.
Feb Publish- bylaws changes in Newslinks-deadline Feb 10th. 
March/April -Present proposed Bylaws changes at the Annual Membership Meeting.
April/May- Distribute ballot to membership, process returned ballots and report results to ASCLS -MI Board.
May -Publish results in Newslinks deadline 10th.