A. Serve as voting member of Board of Directors and Executive Committee. 1

B. Assure receipts and expenditures of funds are in accordance with directives of Board of Directors.

C. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Finance and Audit Committees. 1

D. Board Liaison to:  Scholarship, Audit/Finance and Awards.

E. Submit written report of activities for each ASCLS-MI Board Meeting and a comprehensive report for the Annual Membership Meeting.

F. Adhere to the Bylaws and General Operating Policies of this Society.

G. Submit up to date Financial Statement of budgeted vs. actual income and expenses for all Board and the Annual Membership meetings.

H.  Attend all ASCLS-MI Board Meetings and ASCLS-MI Annual Membership Meeting. 


1. Maintain the Society's financial accounts and records.

A. Deposit all monies collected.

B. Maintain accurate account of receipts and disbursements.

C. Pay all invoices and vouchers as approved by Finance Chair.

D. Reconcile checking and savings accounts.

E. Maintain sufficient balance in checking to pay current expenses and reduce service charge.

F.  Maintain inventory of checks and saving deposit slips.

G. File IRS Form 990, or equivalent, in accordance with IRS law.

H. Maintain files containing:

1)  Copies of expense reports, bills, money requests, and vouchers.

2)  Check drafts.

3)  Budget transactions.

4)  Correspondence.

2. Assist Finance/Audit committee with preparations of the proposed budget for presentation to the board of directors prior to July 31.

3. Participate with the annual audit of the financial files immediately after the close of the fiscal year.

4. Submit change authorized signers on Society accounts at Spring Board Meeting, when required.

5. Assist certified public account with audit.

6. Submit budget recommendation and financial report as requested by the Finance Chair.

7. Transfer files to newly elected Treasurer.


Refer General Time Frame, and:

June Submit “Change of Authorized Signatures” to financial institution/s

Assist Finance chair with preparation of proposed budget

October File IRS Form 990, or equivalent.  Due date on or before Nov 15th

Assist with audit.

Prepare year-end financial report.