High School Preparation

A high school diploma or GED is required to be a phlebotomist, emphasis in sciences is preferred. Basic computer skills may also be desired.

Training and Education

As school diploma is the minimum educational requirement.  Formal educational programs are available through community colleges, proprietary health occupations schools, and other academic institutions. Some education programs are nationally accredited. Some employers will train on-the-job.

The curriculum of formal education programs will include:

  • Anatomy of blood collection sites
  • Blood collection equpment
  • Techniqueies of blood collection from veins, arterties, and finger punctures
  • Specialized collection procedures for intands, patients with IVs, etc.


Phlebotomists with formal education and/or experience are eligible for national certification examinations. These national examinations allow phlebotomists to demonstrate their knowledge of quality specimen collection and handling.  Employers may prefer to hire certified individuals. Licensing may be required in some states.