A. Serve as voting member of ASCLS-MI Board of Directors, ASCLS-MI Executive Committee and ASCLS Region IV Council.

B. Serve as assistant to the President.

C. At the direction of the President, serve on special and Ad Hoc committees or act as Board Liaison to Standing and Special Committees.

D. Act as General Chair for the ASCLS-MI Annual Meeting for the Spring following the Presidential year. 1

E. Board liaison to:  Convention Committee, Student Representative, Student Event, Student Activities, MI Health Council, PACE, MTIMPM, Leadership Development, First Year Professional and New Professional.

F. Adhere to the Bylaws and General Operating Policies of this Society.

G. Submit written report for each ASCLS-MI Board Meeting and a comprehensive report for the Annual Membership Meeting.

H.  Attend all ASCLS-MI Board Meetings, ASCLS-MI Annual Membership Meeting and Region IV Council meetings.  


1. Assistant to the President:

A. Advise and consult with current President and Board.
B. Perform duties and special functions assigned by the President.
C. Review correspondence and reports when appropriate. 
D. Act as liaison and advisor for matters that are still current from previous year.
E. Offer assistance during transition period.
F. Compile and complete President’s file, transferring file to incoming President.

2. Board of Directors and Region IV Council Member:

A. Serve on Region IV Voting Council's Policy and Procedures Committee.
B. Serve as Region IV Meeting General Chairman when Michigan is host state.
C. Participate in the planning and decision-making processes.

3. Serve as member of Finance and Handbook Committees. 1

4. Act as General Chair for ASCLS-MI Annual Meeting.

5. Preside as President in absence of President and President- elect.

6. Submit budget recommendation and financial report as requested by the Finance Chair.

7. Transfer files to newly elected President-elect.


TIME FRAME OF DUTIES: Refer to General Time Frame and Annual Meeting Manual.