Nominations Chair Elect

RESPONSIBLE AND REPORTS TO: President & Nominations Committee Chair

TERM OF OFFICE: One year as Chair-Elect followed by one year as Chair.


A. Serve as a non-voting member on the ASCLS-MI Board of Directors. 1

B. At the direction of the President, assume the position of Nominations Chair.

C. Assist the Nominations Chair with all duties of the committee.

D. Attend all meetings of the Nominations Committee.

E. Actively prepare for the position as Nominations Chair in the second year of term.

F. Maintain the confidentiality of the committee files.

G. Adhere to the Bylaws and General Operating Policies of this Society.

H. Assist with the preparation and submission of committee reports.

I. Attend all ASCLS-MI Board Meetings and ASCLS-MI Annual Membership Meeting.  


1. Work closely with the Nominations Chair to:

A. Prepare a valid ballot of candidates.

B. Distribution, collection and processing of returned ballots.

C. Preparation of election related reports.

2. Transfer files to newly elected Nominations Chair-Elect.


Refer to General Time Frame and

Time Frame of Duties of the Nominations Chair.