Nominations Chair

RESPONSIBLE AND REPORTS TO: President; Board Liaison is President-Elect



A. Serve as a voting member on the ASCLS-MI Board of Directors. 1

B. Actively mentor the Nominations Chair-Elect.

C. Prepare a slate of eligible candidates for elected positions and ASCLS meeting delegates.

D. Preside over the election process including publication of appropriate information.

E. Maintain the confidentiality of the committee files.

F. Adhere to the Bylaws and General Operating Policies of this Society.

G. Submit written report for each ASCLS-MI Board Meeting and a comprehensive report for the Annual  Membership Meeting.

H.  Attend all ASCLS-MI Board Meetings and ASCLS-MI Annual Membership Meeting.  


1. Preside over the election process:

A. Establish a time line for completion of tasks.

B. Prepare an official list of position vacancies.

C. Identify eligible candidates for each position vacancy.

1)  Consult with current position holder to see if they wish to be nominated (if eligible).

2)  Recruit candidates using the current ASCLS-MI Membership list, Handbook, and Bylaws.

3)  Request list of possible candidates from active and emeritus members of ASCLS-MI.

4)  Publish article in Newslinks including:

a)  List of the offices to be filled with responsibilities & qualifications for each.

b)  Deadline for nominations-at least sixty (45) days prior to Annual Meeting.

c)  Name, address, email address, phone number of Nomination Chair.

5)  Verify eligibility of each candidate.  Resources:  ASCLS-MI Bylaws Chair, Handbook Chair, ASCLS office/directors/committee chairs.

D. Prepare ASCLS-MI Nominations Form for each eligible candidate including: NOTE:  Candidates will appear on the ballot only if all information is submitted.

1)  Biographical information

a) Name

b)  Address

c)  Phone numbers:  home, work, cell, fax

d)  Employer name and address

e)  ASCLS Membership Number

2)  Statement of philosophy

3)  Positions held in ASCLS-MI, ASCLS or other related organizations

4)  Position of nomination

5)  Education

6)  Certification

E. Prepare an official ballot.

1)  List each office in order of appearance in IV.A. of Handbook.

2)  For each office:

a)  Indicate the number of candidates to be elected.

b)  Candidates listed in alphabetical order by last name followed by the respective biographical information and statement of philosophy.

3)  Instruction section must include:

a)  Deadline for submission-at least thirty days prior to the Annual Meeting.

b)  Correct mailing format to ensure validity and confidentiality of the ballot. 1

F. Distribution of ballot.

1)  Distribute to all current Active and Emeritus members.

2)  Include ballot, candidate profile, instructions and pre-addressed return envelope. 1

G. Schedule a meeting for the processing and counting of returned ballots.

1)  Notify Nomination Committee members of date selected.

2)  Verify validity of returned ballots using current ASCLS-MI Membership List.

3)  Separate valid ballots from envelopes to protect confidentiality.

4)  Tabulate number of votes cast for each candidate.

5)  Determine the total number of votes cast for each candidate.

6)  Identify winners for each office.  

7)  In the event of a tie, determine the winner using a non-biased method.

8)  Document the following election data:

a)  Number of ballots distributed.

b)  Number of completed ballots returned.

c)  Number of ‘returned as undeliverable’ ballots received.

c)  Number of invalid ballots received.

d)  Number of invalid ballots received.

e)  A plurality of eligible votes cast elects. 1

2. Post Election Duties:

A. Send notification of election results using email or US mail.

1)  ASCLS-MI Board of Directors-official report with information from XX above.

2)  Congratulation letters to winners.

3)  Thank you letters to candidates not elected.

4)  Thank you letters to Nominations committee members.

B. Publish election results in Newslinks.

3. Prepare and submit Request for Reimbursement for election expenses to Finance Chair within ninety (90) days.

4. At the Annual Membership Meeting:

A.   Announce the results of the election.

B. Submit a motion to destroy ballots.

C. Prepare a slate of candidates for delegates and alternates to the ASCLS annual meeting.

1)  Identify the total number of delegates allowed.

2)  Request nominations from membership gathered.

3)  In the event number of candidates exceeds total number of candidates:

a)  Identify any candidates willing to serve as alternates.

b)  Hold a paper ballot for remaining candidates.

c)  A plurality of eligible votes cast elects.

5. Submit budget recommendation and financial report as requested by the Finance Chair.

6. Transfer files to newly elected Nominations Chair.


Refer to General Time Frame, and:

November (10th) Submit list of the elected offices to be filled and responsibilities and qualifications for each office to Newslinks editor.  Request nominations.

March (1st) Distribute ballot materials thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

April Process the ballots cast and submit names of newly elected officers.