Scientific Assembly

Chair- Kristin Landis-Piwowar

Clinical Chemistry - Paul Guthrie

Education - Jeanne Stoddard

Generalist - Barb Mannor

Hematology/Hemostasis - Lynne Williams

Immunohematology - Salika Devine

Laboratory Informatics - Ruthann Ciszewski

Microbiology - Jeanne Stoddard

Molecular Biology - Beth DuRoss

Point of Care/Phlebotomy - TBD

Fab Five - Kristina Martin

ASCLS-Michigan Board of Directors Resources


Action Items

Strategic Action Plan 2017-2018

Board Report Template

ASCLS Contacts

Executive Vice President - James Flannigan

Membership and PACE - Andrea Hickey

Director of Professional Development - Karen Hovis

Additional ASCLS Leadership


Executive Committee

President - Jerry Singleterry

President-Elecct - Stephanie Rink

Past-President - Lindsy Hengesbach

Secretary - Sharon Ziemba

Treasurer - Julie Hall

District Representatives

District 1 - Ric Benson, Shawn Moloney, Carl Byington

District 2 - Sarah Pelton, Kay Castillo, Sandy Cook

District 3 - Melanie Herbert, Nick Wesener, Romy Selzer


Student Representative - Nichole Leasher

New Professional/New Member (NP/NM) - Meghan Caterino

Student Activities Committee Chair - TBD

Student Event Committee Chair - Mariane Wolf

Elected Committees

Government Affairs

Government Affairs Chair - Marian Cabaj

Government Affairs Chair-Elect - Ninive Costa

PAC - Meighan Sharp


Nominations Chair - Becky Potter

Nominations Chair-Elect - Renee Sutton

Nominations Member - Kristin Landis-Piwowar

Nominations Member - Lily Scholl

Appointed Committees

Executive Secretary - Carey Loveland

Audit Chair - Stephanie Rink

Awards - Alicia Khuzia

Posters - Kay Castillo

Student Activities - TBD

Bylaws Chair - Suzanne Butch


Convention Chair - Lindsy Hengesbach

Convention Finance Chair - Stephanie Rink

Finance Chair - Jonathan Gusilatar

Handbook - Carey Loveland

Membership Development - Shawn Videan

Publications - Paul Guthrie

Government Affairs Member-at-Large - TBD

Historian - Suzanne Butch

Leadership Development - TBD

Career Recruitment Chair - TBD

Membership - Shawn Videan

MTIMPM - Nancy Ramirez

PACE - Catherine White

Member - Jean Garza


Publications - Paul Guthrie

Social Media - Mattie Brechbiel

Student Event - Mariane Wolfe

Website - Daniel deRegnier