Histocompatibility Technology

The study of testing to insure the survival of organs of tissues when transplanted from donor to recipient

High School Preparation

A high school diploma or GED will be required for careers in histocompatiblillity testing since they requre college degrees.  The minimum suggested high schoool curriculum includes

  • Mathematics through algebra
  • Chemistry
  • physics
  • biology
  • English composition

Education Required

Histocompatibility technologists must earn bachelor's degrees that include at least 2 courses in general biology, immunology, zoology, genetics, biochemistry or physiology.  Basic Computer skills are essential

Certification/Career Ladder

To become certified as a histocompatibility technologist, individuals must possess a bachelor's degree with appropriate course work and gain one year of appropriate experience in order to be eligible for national certification.  Employers may prefer to hire certified individuals.

Histocompatibility technologists may advance their credential to become histocompatibility specialists with 5 years of experience and completion of the certification examination.  Histocompatibility specialists are expected to assume greater responsibility for the supervision and management of histocompatibility laboratories.

Histocompatibility professionals may be licensed in some states.