Executive Secretary


TERM OF OFFICE: Appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Board.


A. Serve as a non-voting member on the ASCLS -MI Board of Directors. 1

B. Administrative Assistant to the President and board.

C. Maintain supplies, equipment and permanent files of the Society.

D. Chair Handbook Committee-See Handbook Committee Chair Position Description.

E. Adhere to the Bylaws and General Operating Policies of this Society.

F. Submit a budget recommendation and financial statement when requested by ASCLS -MI FinanceChair.

G. Submit written reports for each ASCLS -MI Board Meeting and a comprehensive report for the Annual Membership Meeting.

H. Attend all ASCLS -MI Board Meetings and ASCLS -MI Annual Membership Meeting.


1. Administrative Assistant to the President and board.

A. Assist with preparation and execution of all Board of Directors and Membership meetings.

B. Prepare and distribute materials as directed.

C. Assist Past President/Convention Committee Chair as approved by President.

D. Perform other duties as directed by the President.

2. Maintain supplies and capital equipment.

A. Maintain sufficient supply of Society stationary and distribute as needed.

B. Store and track any ASCLS -MI equipment.

3. Maintain permanent files.

A. Minutes of Board and General Membership meetings.

B. Prepare and distribute ASCLS -MI Leadership Directories.

C. ASCLS -MI Bylaws, Handbook and policy manual.

D. State publications.

E. Copies of pertinent Society correspondence.

F. Copies of Board of Directors Reports

4. Other Duties

A. Acts as registered agent with the Michigan Department of Treasury.

B. Prepare and submit annual report to State of Michigan.

C. Purchase and engrave Past President pins.

5. Transfer all materials, equipment, supplies, etc. to newly appointed Executive Secretary.


Refer to General Time Frame and

July - Prepare and distribute new ASCLS -MI Leadership Directory

OctSubmit Annual Report to State of Michigan.