Convention Committee Chair

RESPONSIBLE AND REPORTS TO: President; Board Liaison - Past President

TERM OF OFFICE: Past President or as appointed by the Board of Directors; Appointed until the final report of Conference is submitted.


A. Serve as a non-voting member on the ASCLS -MI Board of Directors.

B. Plan and execute the Annual Conference of the Society.

C. Adhere to the Bylaws and General Operating Policies of this Society.

D. Submit a budget recommendation and financial statement when requested by ASCLS -MI Finance Chair.

E. Submit written reports for each ASCLS -MI Board Meeting and a comprehensive report for the Annual Membership Meeting.

F. Attend all ASCLS -MI Board Meetings and ASCLS -MI Annual Membership Meeting.


1. Refer to:

A. Convention Manual for meeting planning guidelines.

B. ASCLS -MI Handbook and the policy manual for reimbursement policies.

2. Transfer files to the newly appointed chair.

TIME FRAME OF DUTIES: Refer to General Time Frame