In like a...

lion? Out like a lamb? In with the new, out with the old?

I'm referring to the ASCLS-Michigan website, I guess, but could be referring the March weather, as well.

I have been the web(insert name here) for a few years. We've come a long way. We were originally hosted on the servers at Ferris State University, then moved to Google sites and now I have decided to try a more modern approach. We will be hosted by Squarespace. I don't think I chose it because of Jeff Bridges, although I must admit I have been sleeping better lately!  I have looked at several web hosting services and I chose this one because the templates they offer are really well done, plus the webpage creation tools are fairly straight forward (with a little patience) and the cost is reasonable. 

I have some new ideas on how content can be delivered to the members.  Right away, you can expect a more modern look and better navigation.  Look for some new features, e.g. an occasional blog post or image galleries. Additionally, I feel this blog could be a natural extension of the Newslinks. I don't want to kill any sacred cows, but would we dare replace the Newslinks with a series of blog posts? It may be too early for that discussion, but let's not dismiss it entirely.  I think an occasional post will certainly enhance communication between Newslink publications.

Thanks to the ASCLS-Michigan board for allowing me to be sort of a webbully and make the site look the way want it to look. Feel free to comment on the website and send constructive criticism and suggestions to me, ASCLS-MI Web Dude