Awards Committee Chair

RESPONSIBLE AND REPORTS TO: President; Board Liaison - Past President

TERM OF OFFICE: One year, may be reappointed for a second term; Additional terms must have Board approval 1.


A. Serve as a non-voting member on the ASCLS -MI Board of Directors. 1

B. Oversee all activities of the ASCLS -MI Awards program (Bylaws). 1

C. Adhere to the Bylaws and General Operating Policies of this Society.

D. Submit a budget recommendation and financial statement when requested by ASCLS -MI Finance Chair.

E. Submit written reports for each ASCLS -MI Board Meeting and a comprehensive report for the Annual Membership Meeting.

F. Attend all ASCLS -MI Board Meetings and ASCLS -MI Annual Membership Meeting.


1. Preside over the Awards program activities.

A. Select committee members.

B. Establish a time line of all activities and a schedule for committee meetings.

C. Notify Past President of committee meetings and activities.

D. Communicate with ASCLS leadership regarding awards related issues.

2. Serve on the Conference Planning Committee.

A. Provide information on Awards activities to take place at the Conference.

B. Contact/solicit sponsors for all awards and make necessary arrangements.

C. Request space/equipment/set-up for Awards events, i.e. Posters, ceremony, etc.

3. Promote and Process Awards

A. Distribute awards information/deadlines, etc. via ASCLS -MI Newslinks and Website.1

B. Maintain the confidentiality of all files.

C. Maintain inventory of applications, forms, certificates and other awards.

D. Receive and process submissions.

E. Contact/solicit and instruct judges for all awards.

F. Arrange for Poster session/judging; Awards Ceremony; posting of Awards winners.

G. Distribute nominee resumes and Poster Abstracts to appropriate judges with instructions.

4. Plan and coordinate presentation of awards at the ASCLS -MI Annual Meeting.

A. Prepare certificates, purchase gifts, etc for award winners.

B. Obtain and arrange the engraving of award plaques.

C. Prepare Awards Ceremony Program.

D. Arrange for pictures.

E. Prepare and submit request for award checks to the ASCLS -MI Finance Chair

5. Perform Post Annual Meeting activities

A. Send Thank You notes to committee members, judges, sponsors,  

B. Publicize award winners in ASCLS -MI Newslinks and on ASCLS -MI Website.

C. Notify ASCLS -MI Handbook Chair and ASCLS of ASCLS -MI Award winners

D. Prepare and submit Request for Reimbursement for expenses to ASCLS -MI Finance Chair.

6. Transfer files and supplies to newly appointed chair.


1. ASCLS -MI Clinical Laboratory Scientist of the Year – Plaques (2)

2. ASCLS -MI Board Appreciation Award - Certificate

3. President’s Recognition Award - Certificate

4. Donna M. Duberg Mentorship Award – Crystal bowl, certificate

5. Pam Agren Inspiration Award – Gift, Traveling Paperweight, Certificate

6. Martha Roulund Membership Award – Certificate

7. Key to the Future Award – Key-shaped pin

8. Recognition of Omicron Sigma Nominees – Certificate, Ribbon

9. Scientific Paper/Technical/Literature/Research Award

10. Poster Competition:  1st, 2nd, 3rd place – Certificate, Monetary Award

11. B.E.A.M. Award-coordinated by Scholarship Committee – Plaque, Monetary Award


Refer to General Time Frame and:


Organize committee members, schedule and activities. Organize criteria, number, type and categories of awards. Solicit prizes for award categories  Newslinks deadline-August 10th - Introductory article.


Finalize all criteria and rules.

Newslinks deadline-October 10th – Announce awards and rules.


Solicit judges. 


Poster Deadline and judging.


CLS, Mentorship, Inspiration Award Deadline and judging.

Order plaques, gifts, etc. including plaque for out-going President. 

Notify sponsors of the winners and invite them to the Awards Ceremony.

Prepare Certificates.

Prepare posters and winning papers for display.

Prepare and Execute Awards Ceremony

Return all audio-visual and computer disk entries.

Send thank you letters


Newslinks deadline-May 10th - Announce Award winners.

Notify ASCLS -MI Handbook Chair and ASCLS of ASCLS -MI Award winners


Submit year-end board report, including list of award recipients.