2019 ASCLS-Michigan Annual Conference
Presentation Handouts


2. Leptospirosis: A Potential Re-emerging Zoonotic Disease
4. Roadmap to Becoming a “Model” Laboratory
6. Diabetes and the Clinical Laboratory
7. Molecular Diagnostics 101
8. Acute Flaccid Myelitis
10. Current Concepts in HIV Diagnostics
12. Moving and Integrating a Laboratory
13. The Evolution and Revolution of Clinical Microbiology Services
15. ANA Testing: Hep-2 IFA versus Solid-Phase Assays
16. Pathogen Reduction: A Proactive Approach to Improving Blood Product Safety in the Hospital Setting
17. The Evolving Role of Reticulated Platelets
18. DCLS: Contributing Quality and Value in Delivery of Clinical Laboratory Services


19. Addressing the Clinical Laboratory Workforce Shortage
20. Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL)
22. Project Planning - Building a Specimen Tracking System
23. What?? Stat Parasitology Requests on Christmas Eve in Michigan: A Bench Top Survival Guide
24. Managing Pre-Analytical Variables in Venipuncture
27. The Vaginal Microbiome in Health and Disease
29. What Is It and Why Is It Ordered? An Overview of Common Send Out Tests.
30. Seasonal Influenza: Why Does It Recur Every Year and Why Can’t We Eliminate It?
31. Resume writing 101: Highlighting Yourself to Get Your Foot in the Door
32. Hematology Case Studies
34. Syphilis Diagnostics: Challenges, Algorithms and Needs
35. Blood Bank Case Studies: A Refresher
36. Mixing Studies: Coagulation’s Hidden Gem


37. Potential Biotin Interference in Immunoassays
38. National Legislative Symposium Update
39. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) As A Comprehensive Clinical Genetic Test
40. Hematology in the Elderly
43. Novel Therapeutics: The Shifting Paradigms of Treatment for Hemophilia
45. Growing into Your Next Job: Building a Career of Satisfaction and Success
46. Designer Drugs - Laboratory Testing Challenges
47. Quality/Process Improvement Case Study
48. Haplo-identical Hematopoietic Transplants
49. Hepatitis A: How An Foe Revisited Michigan to Cause a Widespread and Prolonged Outbreak
50. Darzalex Challenges in Compatibility Testing
51. The Significance of Various Granulocytic Inclusions