2017 ASCLS-Michigan Membership Meeting - Presentation Handouts


Wednesday, April 19th

9. 10-Color Flow Cytometry: The Next Frontier
12. Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis: Avoiding CCP False Positives through Test Selections
16. Trauma Labs - The Link to Survival
17. Get Connected! - Resources for Students and New Graduates
19. Procalcitonin (PCT) Use in Sepsis Management and Antibiotic Treatment Decisions

Thursday, April 20th

24. Managing Trauma in the Blood Bank
25. The Maturation, Morphology, and Mystery of Erythrocytes: RBC Review
26. Expand Your Laboratory with the Use of Mass Spectrometry
30. The Maturation, Morphology, and Mystery of Leukocytes: WBC Review - Part 1
30. The Maturation, Morphology, and Mystery of Leukocytes: WBC Review - Part 2
32. Urinalysis Review with Case Studies
33. Next Generation Sequencing Panel Testing
35. Blood Banking for Hematology, or is it the Other Way Around?
38. The Transfusion Services/Laboratory Connection: Unleashing Your Inner Sherlock
39. Natriuretic Peptides and Troponin Testing Today
46. Legislative Update

Friday, April 21st

47.1. Cultivating Laboratory Champions in the Legislature: Step-by-Step Advocacy
47.2. The Final Ten Commandments of Public Policy Advocacy
49. Plasma Cell Neoplasms - Review and Case Study 
51. Blood Bank Review with Case Studies - BONUS: Cross-Off Exercise for the Presentation
52. Laboratory Safety - Do You Have Eyes?
53. Development of Molecular Assays for Mucopolysaccharidosis
54. The Human Microbiome
57. Bleeding Disorders
62. Multiplex PCR Testing for Infectious Diarrhea
64. Case Studies and Working for an Immunohematology Reference Lab