2016 ASCLS-Michigan Membership Meeting - Presentation Handouts


Wednesday, March 30th

1. Social Media Promotion of the Profession
3. Current Topics in Emerging Infectious Diseases
4. Advanced Clinical Parameters in Hematology
6. Pharmacogenomics
7. Anti-Muellerian Hormone Testing
8. Public Health and IC/IP Careers
10. Review of Blood and Bone Marrow
11. Leadership Development: A Journey of Mentoring and Action Learning
12. Laboratory's Role in Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) Risk Assessment
14. Bleeding Disorders in Women
15. Evaluating New Management Paradigms for the Respiratory Patient
21. Laboratory Networks: A Strategic Alliance to Retain Relevance in a Value-Based World

Thursday, March 31st

22. Database Searches, Bioinformatics as Aids in Assay Development and Diagnosis
25. Seven-Day Platelets and Blood Component Pathogen Reductions
27. New Method Validation-The Right Balance
28. Multiple Copy Number Variations in a Patient with Developmental Delay
31. The CAP Approach to POC Inspection
32. Serum vs. Plasma
33. Genetics of Select Lymphoproliferative Neoplasms: Pathophysiology, Prognostication and Therapy
34. Flow Cytometry for Everyone Else
35. Managing Test Utilization for Better Patient Care and Improved Financial Performance
36. Laboratory Bio-Safety: What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You
37. Hepatitis Update
38. Don't Touch that Bat! A Rabies Educational Case Study
39. Blood Bank Case Studies
40. Patient Safety and Health Reliability
42. New HIV Testing Algorithm from CDC
43. Hematology Parasites: The Monsters Within
44. Your BOC Exam: What You Need to Know to Be Ready
45. Tabletop Exercise for Lab Disaster Preparedness

Friday, April 1st

48. Infant and Pediatric Transfusions
49. The Human Microbiome in Health and Disease
52. Clinical Chemistry of Pregnancy
54. Microbiology Review: Bacteriological Cases
55. Reference Range Validation
58. ABO Typing Discrepancies
59. GI Pathogen Detection Using Multi-Channel Molecular Methods
61. The Government "Affairs" Update